Andrea Boldrini @andreaboldrini_official Andrea Boldrini

@andreaboldrini_official A closer look at some of our models! Apache light Plus on the right : the downturned version of our popular Apache Light. The NEW Pantera top left : most comfy rock shoes of our brand also built on the downturned last. Below : Spider (velcro) and T-rex : the most comfy all-day all-rounders, for climbers of any experience. #ispo2018 #climbingshoes #rockshoes #yellowclimbingshoes #frenchmanufacturing #handmade #comfort
@inreachclimbing Pantera are an amazing shoe👍💪💪
@guias_mundoderoca Super climbingshoes. time in my feets and great experience...precision and very confortable but almost imposible to find in my country
@abeceramics Great!
@brunodugay 21 ans déjà passé félicitations
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