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@cinemabalash Over the next month and a half we will be screening double bills of the full movies whose openings were presented as part of the OPENING of OPENINGS. We are pairing them in the order they were presented—creating some truly strange bedfellows. - Beginning with Bergman’s Magic Flute and Itami’s Tampopo this Friday at 7pm. - - Full program can be found on the website (in bio). - - Look out for some strange gems like Jackass: the Movie and Andre Rublev (8/18), the Night of the Hunter (1955) and Dawn of the Dead (8/31) and Pasolini’s Hawks and Sparrows and Spielberg’s Duel (9/7). - -all screenings 7pm, 100 Rochester avenue
@mostvincent ❤️❤️❤️
@wei_xiaoguang Are we having ramen after Tampopo
@cinemabalash @wei_xiaoguang there’s actually a really sweet ramen spot down the street. We should :)
@wei_xiaoguang @cinemabalash but I’m in China this week 😢let’s go next round
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