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@emilypiercell #8 of 52 - Wednesday was Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. Here I am, scars and all. * I had a double mastectomy in March 2016 where tissue expanders were immediately inserted to create space for my eventual implants. After 2 more reconstructive surgeries my implants failed and I had to scrap the implants completely and take stomach tissue to create breasts - the diep flap. Fast forward 1.5 years from my last surgery I’m starting to love my body again. I am a different kind of strong now. I appreciate my body for taking such a toll over the last 3 years and fighting for me to still be here. My scars are part of my story. * The reconstruction process was one of the hardest parts of my cancer treatment, both physically and emotionally. I had only about 3 weeks to fill the expanders because I did chemo first then surgery and I had to get to radiation asap. The fill process was way more painful than I was expecting (and again, this is only bc we had to do it so fast). I may have described it as torture 😕. Then when the implants eventually failed after my exchange surgery I was devastated and lived with a hole for a couple of months until I could get a surgery date for the diep flap. That last surgery was tough and a long recovery but I’m thrilled that I have new, healthy skin on my chest. * Reconstruction is emotionally hard because you aren’t dealing with the cancer anymore. There were times I felt guilty or vain for wanting to do more surgery but in the end, I know I made the right decision for me. #52wayscancerchangedmylife
@emilypiercell @shelbymoore1968 Thank You! I hope so! ☺️
@emilypiercell @prunickkaren Good luck with your decision! Whatever you choose to do will be the right choice!
@trishkusey @emilypiercell same for you..
@emilypiercell @crystalann65 Thank you! ☺️💖
@maurayoung Emily I’m in awe, you’re amazing ❤️
@emilypiercell @maurayoung Thanks Maura! That means a lot. ❤️
@emilypiercell @patlanger It does! You’ll find your rhythm
@fitmom97 🙏🙏💓
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