Samantha Lo Santiago🌌 @sheloveshorror_ Samantha Lo Santiago🌌

@sheloveshorror_ Getting over a cold #books #classic #medicine #sick #sunday
@ghostofchange Feel better 🚑
@frozennight How’s the book? I just picked it up last week but I want to start it once I finish with the Netflix series which I just started the other day. I heard they are fairly different. Feel better soon!
@arctichector I'm in the middle of it at the moment. It's a good read, enjoying it so far.
@sheloveshorror_ @ghostofchange Thankyou!
@sheloveshorror_ @frozennight I finished the season and that’s why i bought the book. So far, it’s good. Hope you enjoy it ☺️
@sheloveshorror_ @arctichector you bought it?
@arctichector @sheloveshorror_ Bought it as soon as I finished the season. Btw what did you think of the show?
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