Ellen @thecatlvt Ellen

@thecatlvt We treat Oats with a class 4 MLS Laser to help decrease inflammation and stimulate blood flow and even helps decrease pain he may be experiencing. #class4laser #mlslaser #coldlaser #alternativetherapies #novacatfamily #novacatclinic #chrisgriffeyfelinefoundation #thecatlvt
@qamar_eatsworld Love you Oats💖
@sarah.constance His ear KILLS ME! He’s lucky to have you ❤
@jeffday read up about therapeutic uses of lasers due to your posts about oats’ treatment - super interesting! i had no idea lasers could be used this way. thank you for sharing this!
@ember911 @ristel911 something to look into!
@annaolovely @thecatlvt Great! I was wondering whether it’s high or low intensity so thank you!! 🙏🏻
@frump.addams I love the expression on his face.
@runningislandgirl Oat's face is like "Excuse me but you are getting a bit fresh!".
@tattooedbymissjenny He rules!!!!
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