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@leonardodicaprio #Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines: Protecting the Amazon is much more than saving trees and fighting off extractive industries. If the forest is still standing today, it's largely thanks to indigenous peoples' vast encyclopedic knowledge of the forest, transmitted from generation to generation across millennia. Today, pressures from colonization and industrialization are pushing Amazonian cultures and knowledge to the brink of disappearance. But elders and youth from communities in the Western Amazon are fighting back, and working to recover, document and preserve their traditional knowledge, such as ancient medicinal plant knowledge. ⠀⠀ Join and support this movement to protect the Amazon, for long-term forest conservation and cultural survival! @leonardodicaprio and @leonardodicapriofdn are doubling matching all monthly donations (follow link in our bio)⠀⠀ #amazon #ecuador #indigenous #indigenousrights #frontlines #tribes #survival #climatechange #environment #forests #amazonia
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@abdusueno Creo que fuimos muy duros. Pueden emigrar los buenos habitantes. Gobernantes y dueños de industrias no. No hasta que solucionen sus conflictos. SERES.
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