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@thecatlvt Cold laser therapy(medical grade) is an amazing tool to decrease inflammation, reduce pain and edema by penetrating tissue with the depth of 3-4cm. Laser therapy uses light to accelerate the body's natural healing process. #mlslaser #lasertherapy #sciencebasedevidence #improvenervefunction #reduceinflammation #acceleratedtissueandrepairgrowth #analgesic #improvedvascularactivity #felineeducation #vettechlife #thecatlvt
@jcash77 This stuff works!! My chiropractor used it on my severe tendinitis on my arm. Fabulous!!
@toezandfuzz I know it’s for a medical/safety reason, but that that cat is just too cool with the goggles!
@knzhwll And just look how cool they look during the procedure!
@pangurgram It’s called fashion Brenda. Look it up.
@roxierks And the goggles makes a cool kitty 😎
@chesson58 @alchesson17
@alittlemorenoir Plus you get to wear cool goggles!
@woodpennys Do they use this on people?
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