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@leonardodicaprio #Regram #RG @sealegacy: Photograph by @PaulNicklen // Overfishing, climate change, pollution, and acidification have pushed our oceans to the brink of collapse. But we have the collective ability to make 2019 the most successful year for our oceans yet! For the next 19 days, we are sharing 19 things you can do to save our oceans. Tip #1 is to advocate for fossil-free, renewable energy. Seek out and invest in wind and solar energy options to end our dependency on oil, gas and coal.
@racheljstors_ @slc121 Try to go Vegan, doing this. Will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your carbon footprint. There’s lots of solid, fact based documentaries outlining the environmental benefits that come about by not eating meat. Most are available on Netflix, if you’re willing to watch some.
@javier.cabrera.5268750 Recycling and bicycling πŸ’ͺ🏻
@gao_brothers Love the picture!
@massbmw hello, extraordinarily good image, maintain it up πŸ€™
@ainel707 dear leo! energy, gas, oil, natural resources are all in the hands of large corporations whose owners rule the world. They make a fortune from this, and they will never allow anyone to break the system they have built for centuries. our voice is an empty sound for them. Fighting just does not make sense. They always won!
@titina_villarreal Great
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@nolank007_ You're a great actor and now a scientist! Is there nothing you can't do?
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