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@leonardodicaprio #Regram #RG @undp: Climate change is being felt in this heart of the Amazon in Peru, bordering Brazil. In this remote stretch of river and deep jungle, the temperature🌡can drop to 16°C. The chill is a surprise for visitors expecting tropical heat. For the local people, these changes are worrying and more frequent these days. It's not just the mercury dropping. Food and wildlife are disappearing. To save what remains of nature, 24 indigenous communities teamed up and proposed a conservation area in Peru. Today, they live next to a national park, an indigenous reserve and this latest conservation concession, Yurúa Breu. By protecting the #LungsofEarth, they will also protect some of the world's last isolated people deep in the rainforests between Peru and Brazil. ☝️Tap the link in our bio for a photo story about how we are supporting their conservation efforts. 📷: Mónica Suárez Galindo/ @pnud_peru #unitednations #undp #environment #sustainable #climate #climateaction #globalgoals #southamerica #peru #brazil #indigenous #amazon #rainforest #Ucayali #Yurúa #Asheninka #rainforestdefenders
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@heinihunziker Kind of 💙🎶🎈🎶
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@davidoafnani Beautiful shot!
@ivan8almaco Solta a pisadinha !!😄
@emilydidonatoworld @leonardodicaprio when you’re going to shut the F€ UP stop 🛑 talking shit about climate change , worry about other countries business and take a F€ look 👀 in California , Leo take a look 👀 at Los Angeles streets , the homeless people, the garbage, the drugs , the pollution , please stop 🛑 talking , show me that you pieces of shit of Hollywood give. F€ , Leo and also I believe you’re bull crap 💩 when you stop 🛑 using private Jets to talk about climate change , Hypocrite!!!
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