Zac Efron @zacefron Zac Efron
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Zac Efron @zacefron Zac Efron
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@zacefron Happy 91st Bday to the Original Efron! The man who made it all possible! After the army-he Married my beautiful Grandma Dotty, raised three young Efrons- one of whom is one heck of a guy- my dad. And from the day I came into this world, taught me everything: how to tell stories, ski, laugh, love, work hard, and appreciate the beautiful things in life: paying it forward, treat others as one would like others to treat oneself, and live every day to the fullest. I’ve never seen anyone light up a room like you Grandpa. Thanks for being my idol, mentor, best friend, and the BEST SKIER in the family. Happy 91 years Grandpa! I love you. I’ll See you and Grandma soon! Can’t wait to follow your tracks down the 🏔 and beyond.
@tiffs_fitlife Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎂
@khalia_c Awwww
@gadziuch happy birthday
@kirstenalexandraaa Feliz cumpleaños abuelo ❤️🎂🎉🎈🎁
@harisky18 @ppphei kita bisa hidup setua itu dak ye ?
@ppphei @harisky18 sepertiny ga bs
@harisky18 @ppphei iya aku gak yakin juga
@tomatelford And not to many more
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