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DancePhotographyBerlin DancePhotographyBerlin • Grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the incredibly talented Cemiyon Barber while visiting NYC • Choreography by: @cemiyon Direction by: Music by: Hidden Orchestra - Overture
@bprubn ❤️❤️❤️
@vicentevinch Me flipa canayitaa
@stefanhoffmeister Cool 👍 🎥 yes we should work together 🤘
@rousemeris 💜💙🙏
@marisa_akeny <3 love it!!
@josephine_haas Amazing and @cemiyon ❤️❤️
@a_cuffs Stunning visuals.
@pinotpd Beautiful 😍
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location_onBrooklyn, New York

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