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@leonardodicaprio #Regram #RG @nrdc_org: The California Coastal Commission recently urged cities along the Pacific Ocean to prepare for the worst impacts of sea level rise: erosion, frequent flooding, and permanent land loss. Southern California’s beaches won’t just be decimated—many of them could disappear. Act on climate. Save our beaches and coastlines by taking action via our profile link.
@d0nt_f0ll0w_me_1m_l0st Leonardo.... your a bitch!😂😂
@figueroacruzrosa Maybe too little too late...
@restaurantweek The 2 slit experiment with Quantum Physics where a beam of lite is shot through the slits proves the tri-june God of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. The beam comes out of the slits as both a wave and individual particals. The scientists can't explain this result. It also shows Jesus is both God and man. Jesus is the lite of the world. When the individual particals hit the back drop they are only where the human looks. Partical 101 will be in square D only if the person looks there or square C if the person looks in square C. Seek and you shall find.
@thebirdflower @sara___diaz
@dustinllllllllllllllll the climate will change watch
@dustinllllllllllllllll its hurting as far as the ozone everything will improve and not get like devastating
@christiannicklas Fake news
@nayan28dj Wow😍
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