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@astarnow The 2019 Fairs & Festival Conventions are going great. It was great meeting all of you and spending time leaning about your entertainment needs at your fair of festival and AStar Promotions is here to help! Our large base of business professionals can help build your event plan with bringing in the right talent at realistic prices along with professional production, Sound and one amazing lighting show! And all our well-trained and professional staff to run everything in front of the stage and behind Along with promotions that’s a year long project not one month before your event. We’re a results driven company and we maximize every opportunity to promote you and your event with our many years of professional experience of doing it right. AStar Promotions and Jonny B Enterprises Inc working together to make you look good! #AStarPromotions #JonnyBEnterprisesInc Photo Credit - #JeffHinton LET’S ROCK YOUR FAIR! Events with AStar Promotions
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