Cara Delevingne @caradelevingne Cara Delevingne
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@caradelevingne Had the most incredible time at @finolhu_maldives this holiday. Thank you @gentlemonster for hooking me up with the shades 🕶 📸 by @james_suckling
@becky_son_king #Stunning
@isabel_ketner @renee_ketner i rlly love the chaotic gay energy of the haircut but could i pull it off???
@rociodc02 Te kiero
@renee_ketner @isabel_ketner i thought you were trying to grow it out
@isabel_ketner @renee_ketner i kno but also idk
@isabel_ketner @renee_ketner what do u think tho
@telgaf 🎈✨
@renee_ketner @isabel_ketner hmmm idk dude not sure if short hair is your thing
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