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@leonardodicaprio #Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange: Photo by James Whitlow Delano @jameswhitlowdelano on @everydayclimatechange: An abandoned hotel almost at the water's edge due to beach erosion in Talipanan Beach in Puerto Galera. By law, all structures are supposed to be 3 m from the high water mark but unregulated or underregulated rampant development has meant that when stronger storms, due to climate change, have washed away the beach, the land behind the beach, which would allow the beach to be replenished, is increasingly sealed under concrete. Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippine Recently world-famous Boracay Island was forcibly closed for six months of clean up. Puerto Galera, Mindoro along with El Nido, Palawan and Panglao Island off of Bohol Island have been mentioned as possible subjects to similar closure in the future. #climatechange #globalwarming #risingseas #rampantdevelopment #tourism #philippines #mindoro #puertogalera #documentaryphotography #jameswhitlowdelano
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