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@caradelevingne #MYECORESOLUTION is to give up plastic bottles and plastic straws! Even though I may never be “perfect,” I am making the resolution to start making positive changes to the way I live in order to help prevent climate change, environmental destruction and mental illness. I nominate @kendalljenner @mileycyrus @jaredleto @ritaora to make their own Eco Resolution! Let’s not forget our power. Let’s support, inspire and empower each other to spread awareness and start acting. To join, follow the format above (selfie + sign), add the text + your Eco Resolution and tag @myecoresolution
@aguslaualvear Excellent
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@sarahseewer Totally agreed 💥💥
@_starfire4_ You can use paper straws instead they’re producing them again
@schwartz_adam Me like
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@canvas_of_musings Unique!!
@itsme_lobenwein Linda 😍
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