Matt Wilhelm @mbdubayou Matt Wilhelm

@mbdubayou ✅ Mayor. ✅ Veteran. ✅ Millennial. Every #FITN voter should hear out @pete.buttigieg before making their choice. He’s clear on his values, has a vision for America, and is a real policy wonk. I thought maybe he was running for Veep. But nah... he’s the real deal. #nhpolitics
@yongueone I was going to ask you about him. I am really intrigued by him and his message.
@mbdubayou @yongueone super, super impressed. Come up next time he comes through!
@yongueone @wilhelmfornh I would love too! I'll keep an eye out for when he comes back around.
@crileyariver Loved him on Colbert this week!
@natebernitz Thanks for coming Rep Wilhelm. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello.
@mbdubayou @natebernitz great event! Thank you for hosting.
@croixprovence 😄😄👍
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location_onRaymond, New Hampshire

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