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@charlecote_mill Today I’m #stonedressing and concentrating on the furrows, all done by hand, no power tools in sight. #byhand #stoneground #millstone
@backdoorbread That's friggin nuts. Hard enough to get right with an air hammer! #respect
@lkjan51 @backdoorbread judging by the picture of these stones and their rough surface and deep furrows, there is “no 100% right”. So many theories on how best to dress the stones. It has all been tried in times past.
@charlecote_mill @backdoorbread Hello. I wouldn’t dream of using an air chisel on the stones. I do things here the traditional way in the traditional method. It helps to preserves the techniques & knowledge. I have more control by hand and I want these stones to last as long as possible so I’m just taking away what’s needed. 👍🏼
@charlecote_mill @lkjan51 there’s lots of different methods,techniques and patterns used to dress stones and differs from place to place. This is a French Burr stone and a typical English pattern.
@lkjan51 @charlecote_mill which is pretty much the pattern we use on our mill stones. It seems to be what they boiled it down too.
@charlecote_mill @lkjan51 across Europe they use a curved pattern, I dread to think how long that takes to do by hand.
@lkjan51 @charlecote_mill my brother dressed a set of those curves in North Carolina. It took a good while even with air hammer and chisel.
@matt.painter.360 Some beautifully porous stone there Karl. Give it a hit for me.
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