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@astarnow The Network - Come join us for “BOOTS IN THE SAND” During Country’s Biggest Party The County Network will be filming all performances on The Margaritville Stage produced by AStar Promotions Nashville Facebook June 6th to 9th At Margaritville Nashville 3rd & Broadway Music City USA "During County’s Biggest Party" Featuring country music’s rising stars and much more all on the Land Shark Stage It's Free - It's Fun and It's for you the Country Fans 'NO TICKETS NEEDED' The County Network will be filming performances on The Margaritaville Stage during Boots in the Sand All filmed performances will be aired on The Country Network dates and times TBA TCN ●Wednesday June 5th All starting at 1:00pm ◦The HUGE Pre-Party ◦The Awards After Party ●Thursday to Sunday ◦June 6th to 9th ◦8:00pm to 1:00am Directly after The Highway's Buzz Brainard’s Happy Hour Show - Hosted at one of Nashville's best kept secrets on Broadway in Nashville Music City USA, with three stages of outstanding entertainment and the home of SIRIUS XM The Highway Buzz Brainard's Happy Hour on Friday Nights For More Information: Boots in The Sand Http:// Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates Instagram @MargarivavilleStage Margaritaville, Nashville The Country Network #BootsInTheSandNashville #MargaritavilleStage #CountrysBiggestParty #AStarPromotions AStar Nashville For performance opportunities contact Joey Adams at Joey Events with AStar Promotions
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