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...she just found out #prenatal supplements don't have to make her feel like crap! 🤗⠀
💞In FACT, a good quality #preconception and prenatal multi should actually make you feel GREAT!!! ⠀
Most prenatal supplements tend to make you feel nauseated or constipated because t they're made with forms of minerals like iron that are difficult for our bodies to digest, so they wreak havoc in our digestive systems inystead of being absorbed into the blood stream, where we need them to go.⠀
MOST prenatal supplements also contain the cheapest forms of B-vitamins and #folicacid instead of the forms of these essential vitamins our bodies use best. Methylated folate (not folic acid) and methylated vitamin B12 make good "methyl" donors for healthier #epigenetics and healthier babies, especially if we don't process folic acid efficiently. (Up to 60% of the population does not!)⠀
MOST of our clients end up throwing up or throwing out their "Cadillac of prenatal vitamins" version recommended by their practitioner because they can't tolerate them. This does nothing to help women or their future babies.⠀
Meanwhile, I think it's really important if we're investing in supplements that they are actually doing what we want them to i.e. preparing for the healthiest possible pregnancy and baby, and if our supplements are doing that for us, *BONUS* we will actually FEEL BETTER too!!⠀
#PreconceptionNutrition includes a high-quality prenatal. Get 20% off Prenatal Pro by @designsforhealth.canada during the month of April #InfertilityAwarenessMonth at - Enter the coupon code CONCEIVE2019 #linkinbio

...she just found out #prenatal supplements don't have to make ...

"Busy" is not my end goal.⠀
From my colleagues to my mom I felt like everyone would check in with me by asking, "How is your practice, are you busy?"⠀
"Busy" would mean "I'm successful".⠀
But "busy" is the new "fine": just a substitute for what we're REALLY feeling.⠀
Yes, my schedule is definitely busy...(like all other women's these days!)...but I decided long ago I do not want to FEEL "busy".⠀
I DO want to feel:⠀
Ladies, we have so much valuable work to be doing...meaning to be creating...people to be loving...experiences to be enjoying. Over the last 2 weeks I've heard from women applying for places in my new #Fempowered program for #femaleleaders. Like them (and me) I bet you're pretty darn tired of feeling "busy"...or #bored...or on brink of #burnout, too. ⠀
The amazing women I've spoken with are telling me they, too, want to stop hustling, stop rushing, stop stressing and finally embrace their #femininepower in their personal and professional lives so they can restore their resilience, revitalize their confidence and create the lives they actually want.  I bet you're ready for a whole lot MORE from your life, love and leadership, too. MORE for you, more for your meaningful work, more for the ones you love.⠀
It's for YOU I've created my new private mentorship program, #Fempowered: The Heart & Science of Successful Feminine Leadership (TM).⠀
Doors are soon closing on our inaugural #Fempowered sisterhood and I'd love for you to claim your place in this beautiful tribe, complete with plenty of one to one mentoring avec moi. It's easy to apply, simply click the "Feminine Leaders Insight Call" #linkinbio or visit to choose a time. On the call, we'll get a sense of what's not working for you in your life, love and leadership and whether working together is a match made in feminine leadership heaven. (If it's not a fit, I'll refer you to some next steps for you instead 💝.)⠀
So tell me #fempowered woman....What is it that YOU WANT to feel?

"Busy" is not my end goal.⠀ ⠀ From my colleagues ...

❤️When women are emotionally and economically empowered, their families and communities thrive.🙌🙌🙌
@wellnessleadership we believe there’s nothing more important than making the world a better place.  This is what working in #wellness is all about. I’m grateful for this journey and can’t wait to bring my #mission to a bigger impact on the planet. @andy_ramsay @marcuswellnessleader

❤️When women are emotionally and economically empowered, their families and ...

💪🙋💝One of the most powerful tools we have access to today allows us to optimize the health potential of the next generation - starting from the time they are just a dream in their parents' hearts.⠀
💝Because of the power of #epigenetics, #preconception and #prenatal care are truly the healthcare of the future. The way we apply it @tworivershealth, #epigenetics is the science of positively influencing the expression of our #DNA for the benefit of #fertility, #pregnancy & baby's future health. ⠀
💗Kerry Maguire is a mother of two boys, a Speech Pathologist, and an Integrative Health Coach. For the last 15 years she has worked as a Speech Pathologist serving families and children presenting with a variety of delays and disorders from #autism to #dyslexia. Over time, she realized her clients really needed more support in the areas of health regarding nutrition and lifestyle. This led her to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she obtained her certification In holistic health coaching.⠀
Now, she works with caregivers to optimize their family’s health. She supports them as they learn to make the necessary changes in nutrition and lifestyle so that both children and caregivers can thrive. She is passionate about empowering women to live intuitively, and addressing health and child development through the mind, body, and spirit connection.⠀
💛Kerry and I are going to be chatting about #MTHFR, why you don't need folic acid (but you do need folate), #individualizedmedicine, and how she helps her clients cultivate healthy lives for themselves and their children. Kerry will be sharing her story of how she honoured her #intuition as mom, and discovered the real reasons why her babies were suffering from chronic symptoms, and why she's so passionate to share her knowledge with the world. ⠀
Join us LIVE on Facebook & share your questions and comments in the feed! Kerry and I will respond LIVE and following the interview.

💪🙋💝One of the most powerful tools we have access to ...

#noapologies from this girl! She took my spot on the couch & nestled right into my new fave #fempowerment book “Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing” @professormaja. I don’t mind: she’s the epitome of #unapologetic in her #femininepower. We human females can learn to embody our power, too 💖

#noapologies from this girl! She took my spot on the ...

Oh yes, sisters, I've been called the #bword.... ⠀
It started a long time ago! 💗I was reading through health notes my mom kept when I was a girl. When I was about 6, one of the concerns she had noted was that I was #bossy.⠀
Hmm! 🤔⠀
Let's qualify what happens when we call young girls "bossy".⠀
"Bossy" means we think natural leadership qualities in girls are "not nice", "not ladylike", something unwanted that "we need to work on". ⠀
"Bossy" disqualifies a girl's right to question authority, to critique or differ from the status quo, and use resources available to her to go for what she actually wants.⠀
Boys with the same behaviours are called "brave", "strong", "tough". By "bossing" around other boys, they achieve higher status in their social groups.⠀
(BTW when was the last time you heard a boy being called "bossy"? I don't think I've ever heard that in my life - and I've even worked professionally with kids!! For 10 years!!)⠀
We need the cultural expectations on girls to be "polite", consider everyone else's feelings and not their own, meet other peoples' wants and needs and not their own, or stay quiet while the guys take the floor, to CHANGE. We need more females in leadership positions everywhere.⠀
The next time you think that a girl seems "bossy"...say "GREAT JOB! You're showing how you're learning how to be: ⠀
💫 Assertive⠀
💫 Confident⠀
💫 Brave⠀
💫 Resourceful⠀
💫 Courageous⠀
💫 Bright⠀
💫 A Leader⠀
💫 Inspiring⠀
💫 A World Changer⠀
💫 Someone who says NO when things are not okay ⠀
💫 Someone who asks for, and receives, what she actually wants⠀
#fempowered #fempowerment #womanempowerment #IWD #pressforprogress #balanceforbetter #womanifest #girlpower #bebossy #bebrave #worldchangers #feminineleadership #femaleexecutives #SheEO #CEO #bossbabes #bosslady #leanin

Oh yes, sisters, I've been called the #bword ⠀ It ...

@professormaja #thankyou! You powerfully inspired a full house of intelligent, accomplished women in #Guelph to the next stage of their empowered lives & impact. I adore your message to women: quit apologizing "for everything", simply say #thankyou when our accomplishments are praised, and rise up to claim your biggest dreams. ⠀
I am devouring this book (=new 💫💯required reading💫 💯for all my #fempowered clients!)⠀
♨️Study after study confirms: lack of confidence is killing our quest for gender equality, ladies! It's a huge part of why women STILL earn just 78% of what men take home for equal work. In Canada!⠀
❣️This evening @guelphpubliclibrary I'll be sharing a flash talk with as much #fempowerment as I can deliver for #internationalwomensday @sweetbirchacupuncture @mayorcamguthrie @flowofficewisdom @lazafoodandbeverage @bcguelphwell @themompreneurtm @thesocialctv #ctvthesocial #IWD #IWD2019 #pressforprogress

@professormaja #thankyou! You powerfully inspired a full house of intelligent, ...

Being a leader sometimes means leading yourself to bed!⠀
We've had TONNES of amazing things happening @TwoRiversHealth @canadian_fertility_show @innovationguelph and new programs launching #wellconceived #fertility, #fempowered and this makes me both Happy and Tired! ⠀
Being more #introverted than extroverted woman I need to recharge with quiet time, reading, reflection, nature, exercise...thinking & planning time....especially alone time.⠀
I remember the first strong and inspiring woman I'd ever met who emphatically said, 💯"I LOVE being alone."💯 This gave me the permission I needed to "admit" what I felt some of the time but never wanted to be thought of as antisocial or uncaring about people. 💗Quite the opposite, as a highly sensitive person I care + experience people deeply and this means I have a responsibility to build in plenty of time to process, rest and rejuvenate.⠀
Continuous #hustle is a recipe for #burnout - and that's just NOT an option over here!⠀
💗Today I am both focused and restful, active yet receptive, strong yet soft, and loving how respectful that feels.⠀
💗What would it feel like to release hustle? What would it do for you, your family or your work?😍

Being a leader sometimes means leading yourself to bed!⠀ We've ...

Shared our brand new #wellconceived #fertility branding with the world 💖🤗@canadian_fertility_show with the help of the #integrativefertility team @tworivershealth Thank you @sweetbirchacupuncture @bloomnaturally @courtneyjclayson @drantoinettefalco @flowofficewisdom 🌸@bloomsandflora We can't wait to step deeper into our mission of helping women and couples bring their healthy, happy babies into the world and create the lives they desire. 💖

Shared our brand new #wellconceived #fertility branding with the world ...

The @canadian_fertility_show was an inspiring + informative day! 💖I enjoyed connecting with many couples and seeing how our #integrativefertilitycare team @tworivershealth shared their support and wisdom and sent people forward to their positive next steps 💖Speaking to a standing room only crowd on the #fertilitydiet was a beautiful highlight for me! I can't wait to send out our brand new #3day weekend #fertilitydiet Meal Plan & Recipe Guide to the hundreds of couples who signed up to receive it & to book in your Conception Confidence Calls with you this week 💖 Our #Fertility Discovery prize will be drawn Monday and the winner will be notified 💖Loved seeing you @drjordannd @lighthousefertilitycoaching @naturopathic_fertility @drtanyalee.nd Thanks & Congratulations to Dr Jodie and your team for an awesome show! Thank you @bloomnaturally @sweetbirchacupuncture @courtneyjclayson @drantoinettefalco for the amazing team work making the day feel truly #wellconceived 💖💖💖

The @canadian_fertility_show was an inspiring + informative day! 💖I enjoyed ...

💗Hey lovely! It's time to get your awesome self booked in! ⠀
❤️Whether you're #readyforababy this year, or you're birthing the brightest, boldest, bad-assiest version of yourself, now is the time to make that commitment #loudandclear to yourself!⠀
💗I have these spots remaining:⠀
💜 1 #fertility follow-up OR #cosmeticacupuncture ⠀
💛1 Feminine Leaders Insight Call⠀
💗💗2 Conception Confidence Calls⠀
...and that's about it for the rest of #February2019!⠀
Please contact us 🙋 / 💏 if you need help getting booked ahead. We are ready and waiting to help you connect with the support and guidance you need WHEN you need it so you can create & #womanifest your highest goals for your wellness, work and family t⠀
In case of a last minute cancellation opening up, Wait List requests can be placed on our booking site via @tworivershealth #linkinbio⠀
See you soon! (Whether in Feb. or March!?)⠀
P.S. It starts with saying yes to YOU.⠀
#selfcareishealthcare #fempowered #wellconceived #integrativefertilitycare #naturopathicdoctor #guelph #femaleleaders #mentor #2019goals #wellconceivedfertility #femininebusiness #femalefounders #fempreneur #femalebrain #mentalhealth #stressless #cosmeticacupuncture #womenshealth #hormonehealth

💗Hey lovely! It's time to get your awesome self booked ...

💖✨I'm so excited to be sharing this year @canadian_fertility_show! Did you know #preconception #nutrition can increase your chances of successful pregnancy by up to 40%? ⠀
There are literally HUNDREDS of research studies on what is "the" optimal #fertilitydiet 🍇but don't feel overwhelmed - I'm gonna break it down so you know EXACTLY what to eat - starting with your very next grocery shop!! (#spoileralert: it's not about🍍🍍🍍!)⠀
We also know that with the #poweroffood you can enhance your fertility success AND enrich your future baby's health - starting before she or he is conceived! #epigenetics⠀
Your #integrativefertiltycare team @tworivershealth @drantoinettefalco @bloomnaturally @sweetbirchacupuncture @courtneyjade.c are ready & inspired to chat #allthingsfertility with you @  the show!  Drop by, say hi, get a free mini-#hormonehealth assessment, & get free access to our brand new 💗💗💗Fertility-Boosting 3-Day Weekend Meal Plan - the perfect little guidebook for a few fertility-friendly days home at with your #love 💗💗💗 ⠀
Get 50% off tickets with coupon code CFS-TWO over at @ ⠀
💖@fertilehopeyoga @Marywongrtcmp @fabertile @higherhealthcentre @whatsgoodwellness can't wait to connect with you there! 💖

💖✨I'm so excited to be sharing this year @canadian_fertility_show! Did ...

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