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💗Hey lovely! It's time to get your awesome self booked in! ⠀
❤️Whether you're #readyforababy this year, or you're birthing the brightest, boldest, bad-assiest version of yourself, now is the time to make that commitment #loudandclear to yourself!⠀
💗I have these spots remaining:⠀
💜 1 #fertility follow-up OR #cosmeticacupuncture ⠀
💛1 Feminine Leaders Insight Call⠀
💗💗2 Conception Confidence Calls⠀
...and that's about it for the rest of #February2019!⠀
Please contact us 🙋 hello@tworivershealth.ca / 💏 fertility@tworivershealth.ca if you need help getting booked ahead. We are ready and waiting to help you connect with the support and guidance you need WHEN you need it so you can create & #womanifest your highest goals for your wellness, work and family t⠀
In case of a last minute cancellation opening up, Wait List requests can be placed on our booking site via @tworivershealth #linkinbio⠀
See you soon! (Whether in Feb. or March!?)⠀
P.S. It starts with saying yes to YOU.⠀
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💗Hey lovely! It's time to get your awesome self booked ...

💖✨I'm so excited to be sharing this year @canadian_fertility_show! Did you know #preconception #nutrition can increase your chances of successful pregnancy by up to 40%? ⠀
There are literally HUNDREDS of research studies on what is "the" optimal #fertilitydiet 🍇but don't feel overwhelmed - I'm gonna break it down so you know EXACTLY what to eat - starting with your very next grocery shop!! (#spoileralert: it's not about🍍🍍🍍!)⠀
We also know that with the #poweroffood you can enhance your fertility success AND enrich your future baby's health - starting before she or he is conceived! #epigenetics⠀
Your #integrativefertiltycare team @tworivershealth @drantoinettefalco @bloomnaturally @sweetbirchacupuncture @courtneyjade.c are ready & inspired to chat #allthingsfertility with you @  the show!  Drop by, say hi, get a free mini-#hormonehealth assessment, & get free access to our brand new 💗💗💗Fertility-Boosting 3-Day Weekend Meal Plan - the perfect little guidebook for a few fertility-friendly days home at with your #love 💗💗💗 ⠀
Get 50% off tickets with coupon code CFS-TWO over at @ buff.ly/2JbGxbB ⠀
💖@fertilehopeyoga @carrying.to.term @Marywongrtcmp @fabertile @higherhealthcentre @whatsgoodwellness can't wait to connect with you there! 💖

💖✨I'm so excited to be sharing this year @canadian_fertility_show! Did ...

"Sitting with" difficult emotions is hard.⠀
My #meditation teacher first suggested the idea of inviting my difficult feelings for tea. Asking them questions. Just sitting with them in a conversation.⠀
Today as I was preparing research for my upcoming talk @canadian_fertility_show I came across an email in my inbox. I noticed how the email's content affected my focus & flow. I ilterally felt the #adrenalinerush of #fightorflight. ⠀
Do you know the feeling of getting a message (usually it is from ONE particular "Sender" in your life) that just messes with your mental or emotional space?⠀
I really needed to refocus and reharness my energy into my #laboroflove today. I don't want to surrender any of my time to being stuck in feelings and experiences other than the ones I want to have.⠀
This is a practice I've had many opportunities to work on over the past couple of years. And I've been making good headway! Still, I felt rattled enough today that I needed to consciously return to my practices to ensure that #iwin in the ways that are not of of this world, but the ways of my #soul. ⠀
So, to reel it in & regain my #sovereign #queendom, here is what I chose to do:⠀
💗Ask for help. My husband is home and I asked him to stay in the room while I re-read the email. He had put his hand on my shoulder and I asked him to keep it there. It really helped.⠀
💗Reclaim my sovereignty. This means remembering that in the non-physical realm (such as email) nothing can actually cause me harm or hurt unless *I* give it permission to. (And why the heck would I give THAT #BS my permission?) So as a queen in my queendom, I withdrew my permission for BS to stand in my sovereign space. #begone⠀
💗Reset my realm. I grabbed my diffuser and started infusing my room with #lavender, #rosemary, #basil & #bergamot, because of the effects of these substances on the #femalebrain and #nervoussystem.⠀
💗See the humour. This one is the HARDEST for me because it means #forgiving behaviour that I know is wrong. It means not taking things not so seriously that I inadvertently allow them to steal my #creativity, #productivity or #joy.⠀
What difficult feelings are you inviting over for tea today?

"Sitting with" difficult emotions is hard.⠀ My #meditation teacher first ...

💗#Fertility, #pregnancy, birth & beyond! I feel truly blessed to work in the realm of everyday #miracles with the women and families in our community and to offer support through multiple generations @tworivershealth. ⠀
💖As a woman you're the epicentre of your family. There are many sets of eyes on you. You are the leader.⠀
🌸🌟🌿What inspires you in your day to day work life? ⠀
☀️🍃🔥What do you want to model and be remembered for?⠀
🌍💗💝 What's your legacy?⠀
#femaleleaders #feminineleadership #kidshealth #postpartum #Guelph #naturopathicdoctor #integrativefertilitycare #wellconceived #wellconceivedlife #femalefounders

💗 #Fertility, #pregnancy, birth & beyond! I feel truly blessed to ...

💓Every so often (i.e. really quite often) the universe offers me "opportunities" to deepen my commitment to what I call my #feminineleadership.⠀
None of these turns out to be particularly fun (although some turn out to be funny....only later). But each one has its lessons and wisdom. ⠀
💗As a #highlysensitiveperson #HSP I've had my share of illness symptoms that arise following a difficult or stressful experience. I'd cry in front of the person who was being a jerk, I'd feel hurt, indignant, and rehash the conversation for hours in my mind, coming up with all sorts of smart comebacks that "I should have said" earlier. Then I'd get migraines that would take me out of play for a day or a weekend (not cool). ⠀
💖What I've learned is that there is the "usual" way of leading and being in business, which involves a lot of striving, struggling and stressing. #Hustleandmuscle is the status quo "secret to success" and it works for a lot of people, to a point. Unfortunately the status quo also leads to more conflict, stress and burnout for #sensitive #ambitious #gogetter #femaleleaders that we no longer need to put up with.⠀
💕When I left the usual way of doing business and achieving success behind, I only knew I was making a deep commitment to my intuitive intelligence. I was finally ready to share the mic with my right brain, the half of my brain that I'd silenced over many years in science.  I never even thought of myself as an intuitive person until a few years ago. I believed that being intuitive was this amazing gift that "other people" had. ⠀
💖Since I've become consciously receptive to my intuition I've had more transformative experiences with my patients, team and the women I mentor than I ever dreamed possible. And I've been able to resist the temptation to FIGHT and be RIGHT....instead, standing #resilient in some very challenging situations and coming up with more win-win-win outcomes than I've ever seen before.⠀
💗As a smart, conscious, caring woman #youhavethepower to create more #peace, #prosperity, #connection, #ease and #joy than you might even be able to imagine right now. How will you #fempower yourself today in life, love or livehlihood?

💓Every so often (i.e. really quite often) the universe offers ...

💗 How do you feel about being "seen"?⠀
First thing that comes to mind for me is...yep....V-U-L-N-E-R-A-B-L-E.⠀
"Oh yeah, I want to feel #vulnerable please!" #saidnooneever⠀
Whether it's for positive or negative reasons, any time you "stand out", #vulnerability is there!⠀
It's like:⠀
💜When you shared a gift from your heart, and it wasn't appreciated.⠀
💙When your straight A's got you nothing but teasing.⠀
💜When you spoke, and everyone laughed.⠀
💙When your recommendations were rejected.⠀
💜When you tried your best, and failed anyway.⠀
💙When you felt flawed and imperfect and someone "saw".⠀
#Vulnerability is painful, yet it's also a teacher. It stretches us and grows us into more #resilient humans. Like Brene Brown teaches, it takes vulnerability to create #courage.⠀
As a female leader, fulfilling on your missions requires being "seen". If others can't see you, find you, and know who you are, your legacy will fall flat the moment your working life is done.⠀
And your legacy is 100% needed in the world.⠀
You are going to have to put yourself out there, stand in the bright lights. Like I've told myself atop many a mountain, ski up to the edge, take a deep breath, and give 'er.⠀
If you're a fellow health practitioner, coach or healer, you KNOW you gotta be seen, honey!  Your mission literally depends on it. Yet, it is scary! Over at @wellnessleadershipacademy my friends @Andy_Ramsay & @Marcuswellnessleader are hosting a training that will help you step into those bright lights with courage - because you'll know your clear, confident message that needs to be shared with the world. Right now. Even when we feel vulnerable. ⠀
The webinar is FREE this week. #linkinbio

💗 How do you feel about being "seen"?⠀ First thing ...

Have you ever wondered why the usual "path to success" feels so daunting, draining or just plain drab? It's because the "usual" path isn't designed for women. In this podcast with my friend and colleague (& former #naturopathic #medschool classmate) @drmichelleperis we share our respective challenges with coming face to face with the status quo and rebelling against almost every aspect of it 😉 #linkinbio

Have you ever wondered why the usual "path to success" ...

Today we met with a #fertility specialist and had a meaningful conversation about what women and men are needing to support them in their #fertilityjourney. I felt right at home considering the emotional needs of women around grief, recurrent #pregnancyloss, and other losses in our lives that can create unseen blocks on our #pathtoparenthood. We also recognized the effects of shame in men with #infertility - one of the most stressful life experiences for both hopeful parents.⠀
Since February is #selfcare month @tworivershealth, I want to draw special attention to the need for #permission to #treatyourself with the utmost respect, love and tenderness throughout your fertility journey. ⠀
In traditional Chinese medicine we recognize that the Heart Opens the Womb. This means that emotional wounds like grief, anger and shame can stop the energetic connection between your heart and your receptivity to the healthy pregnancy you want. ⠀
What words are you using to describe yourself, your body, your potential as a future mother?⠀
What actions could you choose to show your body your unconditional love?⠀
Self-care doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive or a distraction. It does need to be received.⠀
You are the vessel for love and life. ⠀
Are you willing to love you, just as you are, right here and now?

Today we met with a #fertility specialist and had a ...

We're celebrating #lovemonth with a whole lotta #selflove @tworivershealth!⠀
One of the best ways to #loveyourself is to take AMAZING care of your #Self! 💖⠀
Is there anything holding you back from giving yourself the care (#boundaries, #rest, #fun, #space, #solitude, #nourishment..) you need?⠀
Some of the false beliefs that limit us from giving (and receiving) #selfcare:⠀
💫"Life is busy, there is NO TIME even to think, let alone practice this thing called #selfcare??!"⠀
💫"Self care is selfish"⠀
💫"Who am I to 'take care of my self'"⠀
💫"I can't afford self care"⠀
💫"I'll do it later when...xyz are done and I can relax"⠀
We have all found ourselves believing one more more negative limiting beliefs like this...and we have all found that pushing off self care needs has resulted in big costs. Illness. Stress. Frustration. Short fuses. Pain. Headaches. Insomnia. Cravings. Weight gain. Skin breakouts. Emotional breakdowns. Hormonal imbalances. The list goes on, way too long...⠀
Because we believe #selfcareishealthcare, and that you deserve the very BEST available health care, your integrative family care team @tworivershealth are going to be dropping our best #timesaving tips and tricks throughout the month of #February so you can easily integrate a little more #selflove into #lovemonth this year😉💓⠀
If you have overcome a block to self care and are embracing a new way to #loveyoself, lay it down here and share with your sisterhood! #sharethelove⠀
#february2019 #selfcaremonth #selfcarechallenge #selfcareishealthcare #womenshealth #happyvalentines #healthyvalentines #mentalhealth #spreadthelove #mentalhealthday #letstalk #bellletstalk

We're celebrating #lovemonth with a whole lotta #selflove @tworivershealth!⠀ One ...

Coming up in just a few weeks! I'm super excited to be joining this year's lineup of #fertility speakers to share with you the power of #preconception #nutrition on not only your #conception success, but your healthy pregnancy AND your future child's health - even into his or her adulthood!⠀
(💝I know, it's so amazing we can give this #gift to our kids starting even BEFORE conception, right?)⠀
Get your 50% off tickets with the code CFS-TWO at buff.ly/2We3Wj2 💖

Coming up in just a few weeks! I'm super excited ...

#fullmoon rising!
Tonight we will have a #lunareclipse and I'm so excited from all this #fullmoonenergy I just might stay up to mindnight to experience it! In our latitude in #guelph the moon will be covered in a red shadow and we have a crystal clear night sky to enjoy it.
With #fertility and #hormonehealth we look to our ancestors of women who cycled with the moons: #menstruation at #newmoon and #ovulation at full moon🌕. 13 cycles per calendar year.
What happens for you at the full moon?  #eclipse
#sensitivesoul #femaleleaders #fertilityempowerment #wellconceived #wellconceivedfertility #femalebrain #hormoneharmony #womenshealth #naturopathicdoctor #femininleadership #fempower

#fullmoon rising! Tonight we will have a #lunareclipse and I'm ...

Positive health care experiences can help kids learn how to take care of themselves in an empowered way. What's your favourite thing about your child's doctor or clinic? 🤗💖🎈 #kidshealth #empoweredhealth #integrativemedicine

Positive health care experiences can help kids learn how to ...

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